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Ways to improve employee morale at the workplace

August 29, 2019 Uncategorized 0

When employees suffer from poor morale, their work performance begins to suffer too. Employee morale is valuable because it serves as the drive, commitment and motivation for workers to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Low morale, on the other hand, has the potential to cause an increase in absenteeism, turnover and poor productivity, which are hindrances to your business’ bottom line. As such, keeping employee morale high is an initiative to be taken seriously by employers. In this publication, we highlight three major ways employers should keep their workers’ morale high.

  1. Improve Working Conditions

Many employees lose their morale because they are unhappy with their working conditions. Jobs are demanding, and most full-time working adults spend more time at the office than they do at home with their families. This can take an emotional toll on employees and impact their attitude toward work. As such, GEA encourages employers to assess working conditions and find a way to help employees feel happier about the nature of their jobs. Some ideas to consider include designating days when employees can work from home, or offering employees the opportunity to have flexible work schedules.


2. Communicate with Employees

Good communication is the key to any successful relationship. If low morale is becoming a problem in your office, it is possible that there has been a breakdown in communication somewhere along the way. In the business world, transparency is good because it puts employees at ease, especially during hard economic times. Some tips to maintaining effective communication include meeting regularly with your department, encouraging staff to ask questions, making yourself available to address their concerns, keeping employees informed of any organizational changes or restructuring, and eliciting employees’ feedback.

To open up communication even more, offer satisfaction surveys so that employees have the chance to be honest (while being anonymous) about the things that are bothering them at work. Then, the issues that come to the surface can be addressed to improve morale.


3. Recognize and Reward

Employees like to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work because it makes them feel appreciated and valued by their employers. To improve morale, institute reward programs, such as quarterly achievement awards where a few employees are rewarded for their accomplishments. Award ceremonies should be held for the company as a whole so that employees are recognized in front of their peers. Think of clever rewards that employees will appreciate, such as a special parking space, a paid day off, or other bonuses.


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