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How to manage a hostile employee

November 21, 2019 Uncategorized 0

A hostile employee is defined as person who generates tension, has frequent outbursts, interrupts work flow and refuses to cooperate with coworkers and executives. This person might demonstrate disruptive work habits and have poor performance. This type of hostile behavior is toxic to the entire staff and should be addressed immediately. Tips for managing hostile employees include:

  • Remember to Listen

One of the key elements to conflict resolution is listening. If you see that anger is escalating, try to just listen and not interject your opinion or comments. The employee will appreciate your full attention and feel like you are acknowledging their thoughts and feelings. The employee will likely want to hear what you or others have to say.

  • Have an Open-Door Policy

Be approachable. An office can host a variety of different personality types, so employees need to know that you have an open-door policy and that you welcome their feedback. This conflict management technique helps keep the lines of communication open and makes employees more at ease. This will also expedite the resolution process; the issue can be discussed immediately and get everyone back to work.

  • Separate the Employee from their Personality

Mentally separate the person’s professional role from their difficult personality. Try to focus on their professional contributions and do not, under any circumstances, engage in arguments or allow your buttons to be pushed. Your ultimate goal is to get this employee to be productive and contribute to the team, not to argue back-and-forth.



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