Research and Advocacy

The Association’s Research Department is responsible for the development of the employers’ policy advocacy agenda and implementation of dynamic products portfolio aligned to the needs of members.

The advocacy strategies are needed to shape public opinion, inform policy and practice, as well as to support best practices that lead to improved labour productivity and social development outcomes. This is achieved through strategic analysis and monitoring of policy issues that are meant to inform the Association’s strategic and service delivery.

The Association undertakes research and policy analysis in areas related to minimum wages, skills development, labour and employment, fiscal and monetary policy, productivity, and pensions. The Association collects and analyses information on social and economic indicators to inform advocacy and wage negotiations as well as creation of an enabling business environment in general.

Key activities include:

  • Conducting research and preparing reports on selected economic and labour issues.
  • Reviewing and analysing government policies.
  • Analysing and disseminating information on labour market, economic indicators and business environment to members and other relevant bodies.
  • Representing employers views on economic and labour issues in various forums